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We wanted to let you know that our staff has reviewed your portfolio and has selected one of your images [Passing Through] as today's featured image.

Your name and artwork will appear on our homepage throughout the day (06/29/06) for tens of thousands of ArtWanted.com visitors to see. You will be able to see your artwork displayed in the top right corner of http://www.artwanted.com within an hour of this e-mail.

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Your Watercolors

Dearest Ilunia,

I so enjoy the beauty, love and clarity you reveal in your paintings. In my times of extreme intensity, loneliness and feelings of our world being too heavy for me, I come here to wallow in the strength I feel among your paintings. I feel free enough to allow myself to become small enough to crawl inside the oceans, earth and skies at the same time while feeling I'm in a safe sanctuary where you won't let anyone get hurt.

Thank you so very much for unselfishly exposing your truly magnificent paintings for the world to see.

With love of Israel,
Shoshana Rubin


Hello Ilunia,Really like your site. Especeally the paintings of Israel!

I visit together with family and colleague’s in 1998 Israel.

Best wishes,

from The Netherlands,

J. Nijkamp

(sorry for my bad English)

Greetings from The Ancient One

Hello Ilunia

While meandering my way through the sea of serenity which is cyberspace i was blessed to come upon a rainbow in the sky which brought me to the pot of gold which is your site. I believe letting people know when you enjoy their work. Like an echo across a valley your site resonated with positive energy. Bravo!

My name is Micheal Teal. I am a Psychic , Spiritual Advisor and Poet in Canada. I wish you great success and profound happiness.

May a soft wind sing you a lullaby that enlightens and inspires.

With Profound Respect
Micheal Teal
The Ancient One

you are amazing I am enjoing so much your paintings.
Love to all ,your cousin Marysia and Family.

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