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In general I am self-thought artist but I did had some formal education which are listed below.
Formal Education
1983 - 1984 Fullerton Junior College in California Basic Oil Painting.
1984 - 1985 Fullerton Junior College in California How to draw from the "right side of the brain."
1985 - 1986 Yorba Linda Community College in California Basic Watercolor's

1985 -
Orange County Art Fair
1985 -
to 1998
informal exhibitions
1998 -
Amalia Gallery in Israel

2005 - Art Show Herzelia, Israel
2005 - International Art Exhibition "LANDSCAPES" Ferrara/Italy 

Watercolor Society
2003 -
Asscociate Member of  NWS Watercolor Society, San Pedro CA. 

Congratulations Ilunia ,

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Congratulations !
You have won our Silver Award.
This award is given for an excellent likeability and a good quality of the art works exhibited.
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03/03/2004 Geneva/Switzerland

Congratulations Ilunia!

One or more of the images you uploaded yesterday are found on today's Top Ten reports.
11th of March 2005
Painting - Comfort of Home

Today's Top Ten report
13th of August 2005
Painting - Look at Me

Selected to the 2005 Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea Città di Firenze - Italia The internal jury selected Ilunia's work for participation in this
Florence Biennale 2005

In collaboration with the United Nations, the Biennale is also an official participant in the “Dialogue among Civilizations” program. In the words of Kofi Annan.

“I believe that the dialogue is an opportunity for people of different cultures and traditions to know each other better, whether they live on opposite sides of the world or in the same street.”

Featured in Artis Spectrum Magazine
Agora Gallery
Located Soho, New York City.

Featured in the ArtWanted.com 2007 Calendar

Trabuco Hills High School 2007 Calendar

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